about: The New Us Project

The New Us Project is a series of active installations by Rocky Lewycky. All within Santa Cruz County, these installations will feature ceramic water vessels that will complement and challenge the space in which they are presented. Each vessel will be given away to the public after the installation. 

What is the water vessel? 
My water vessels are containers to hold drinking water. Its clay composition references our reliance and connection to the Earth’s resources. Water represents our inter-relationship with each other and the life-blood of our planet, as well as the most abundant compound of the human body. All of the vessels are gilded with 23-karat gold on the bottom of each piece, which symbolizes water as a commodity. How fitting for the current corporate climate that the most omni-present entity of our physical make-up happens to be one of the world's most demanded commodities.

With this project, I am interested in breaking down barriers of social separateness, while cultivating momentum toward our greater collective consciousness. This movement away from the former me-oriented mindset can propel us into an “Us”-sustainable mentality of freely giving without expectations of returns. By empathizing outwardly--beyond individual gains, this new way of thinking and relating with one another will advance humanity toward a shift in the awareness of “Us”.  

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photo by Alex Vo

photo by Alex Vo