From Left to Right:   Time Bowls: Refill When Water Evaporates, 78 Pounds, Crucibles for Edward Muybridge, Urns, Epitaphs For Birth And Death
  Epitaphs For Birth And Death Rearrange when someone you love is born or dies.
    Crucibles for Edward Muybridge      These works are about capturing process in motion. These crucibles are fired in a high fire kiln to 2350 degrees F. With weak areas and support areas built into the pieces the clay is allowed to move freely within the kiln and solidify as it cools.
  78 Pounds   The total weight of this storage jar is 78 pounds, including the sand inside. This is the average life expectancy of a white male living in the US. Remove 10 pounds of sand every year. When the jar becomes empty, break and put back together with epoxy and gold leaf between the cracks. The piece is then completed.
  From Left to Right:   On Growth and Form: 33 Piece Vase Family,    78 Pounds, Crucibles for Edward Muybridge, T  ea Bowls for Unicorns (From the Conceptual Tea Bowl Series)
  Tea Bowls for Unicorns (From the Conceptual Tea Bowl Series)   This series illuminates the process of drinking tea. Rather than experiencing the utilitarian nature of tea and it's container, these pieces push the experience of process directly to the mind for consumption of thought itself. One hand clapping.
  Time Bowls: Refill When Water Evaporates   Fill the bowls up with water and let evaporate. With the cycling and changing climate conditions the water within these bowls will vary in evaporation time. The bowls are designed to help further our understanding of time within the capacity of weather conditions.
  Urns    Each urn was made from unfired porcelain. Put ashes in urn and release into body of water. Clay will dissolve while ashes dissipate.
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