Mendocino Art Center Visiting Artist
to Aug 19

Mendocino Art Center Visiting Artist

The heart of this workshop is in the exploration of alternative finishes. We will make and apply a Greek style Terra-Sigillata with and without colorants, which will become the base for our 2 low fire projects, ferric chloride saggar, and a Cajon injection pit-fire. We will fire cone 10 ash-Shino utilizing my new tumble stacked heat-tent. We will also fire a separate cone 8 seashell side-firing with matte crystal glazes. 

About 1/3 of the workshop will be dedicated to building. We will explore thrown and altered forms with porcelaineous clay, as well as handbuild using coil and mold techniques. In addition, burnout materials, inclusions (feldspar and mica), and paper clay will be demonstrated.

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