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USC Visiting Artist

  • University of South Carolina columbia, South Carolina (map)

Monday 22 October:

Studio Workshop 2:30-5   Ceramic Studio 
Demo Baskets paper clay with burnout
Demo Thrown and altered vases, tumblers, bowls, tea bowls. 
Demo Tool Making-beaded wire tool.
Demo Making paper clay. 

Studio Workshop 6-9
Demo Hands-On
Glaze Side-Fire and build catchers/stuff shells/load kiln
Demo- Glaze Buttons
Preheat Side-Fire kiln with pilots on only, damper 1 inch, and door cracked to about 2”. Kiln must not get over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tuesday 23 October:

Side-Fire Kiln ramps up through bisque slowly throughout day. 

9-12  Workshop in Studio
Demo thrown and altered vases and tumblers part 2. 
Demo Baskets paper clay with burnout part 2. 
Demo Bisque Terra Sigillata with colored mica.
Review tiles of colored mica for base/ferric chloride, saggar, pit…

Potluck 12:30-1:30 

1:30-2:30 Power Point Presentation  

3-5  Workshop in Studio
Hands on Demo: Everyone paints on bisqueware terra sig one piece for Cajon Injector pit fire. Build and load pit (Above ground with bricks and/or cinder blocks). 

Fire pit fire.  


Wednesday 24 October:
Kiln gets fired to cone 7 with hold for 3 hours.

10-1:00   Workshop in Studio
Unload Pit Fire
Demo thrown and altered vases, tumblers, bowls. 
Demo Baskets paper clay with burnout.
Demo Polishing work.
Review of Finishing Side-Fire Works 
Demo Gold Leaf both transfer and loose leaf (If Time Permits)  

 1-2:30 Lunch with Friends of Ceramics

 3-5  Meet with MFA and BFA Students

Earlier Event: August 13
Mendocino Art Center Visiting Artist
Later Event: November 9
Sonoma Community Center